You might be surprised

4 Feb

I read an interesting article today in my husband’s running magazine about influence.  You’ve heard the saying,  You become like the ten people closest to you.  This article detailed how a father’s running habit rubbed off on his 6 year old son. Running became contagious around their household and soon enough, everyone joined in.  I’m not a runner so I’m hoping I can “catch” the desire from my husband.

My passion of choice is painting and drawing. I would like to think that I passed my artistic genes to my five year old daughter. After all,  she took it upon herself to create her “artist” Halloween costume (smock,  french hat and all).  However, the last few months I’ve realized that I didn’t pass anything to her… I “caught” her passion for art. She has reminded me of that childlike joy of doing the one thing that makes you happier than anything.  She broke out my dusty watercolors for me and helped me reconnect to a missing part of my soul. Funny what a five year old can do for you.

So be careful who you choose to spend your time with, you might catch something great.

~Tate Skye Designs


Hello? Where are you?

1 Jul

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Thanks Everyone!


New Designs

29 May

Little Nest

21 Mar

Little Nest

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Anna’s New Nest!

Just ducky…

18 Mar

Tate Skye DesignsI have days where I like to pretend that I’ve been productive but after looking back on the days activities..I am not so sure. We decided to take the kids to “Kiddie Kountry” (yes with a K) today. Basically, this is a huge outdoor playground with wood mazes, swings galore and about a million hyper active spring break kids and their red bulls on the loose. (Really not sure most of them had parents within ten miles of the place).  The kids loved it naturally but my husband and I look like we ran a half marathon today, uphill. Despite the chaos of the playground we managed to take a few moments to feed the ducks at a nearby pond. Funny how you forget how something as simple as some old bread and over zealous ducks can make your children so happy.  The duck’s patterns and colors were just amazing. My daughter even noticed how some of the ducks had “blue bills and black and white polka dots.” Love that girl, she has an eye for the details just like her mother.

So despite my lack of “check list items” today, I did find a moments solace by that pond. Which, I think is one of the most important items to “work on.” Enjoy the rest of your week…and ducks or no ducks make it great!


Small Moments

10 Mar

Sometimes you read stories that just take your breath away. I’ve been following the story of a 2 year old’s battle against cancer and sadly she made the journey home to heaven this morning. It is one of those things that just rattle around in your brain all day long and creep up on you during silent moments. I often joke about how my kids drive me crazy but losing one of them is my biggest fear. Take a moment and read the story about Layla Grace. She will forever change your heart. Keep her parents and sisters in your prayers tonight.

One thing Layla has reminded me of this week is to appreciate the small moments in life. Every breath counts. Peace to everyone of you. Please read her story here.


Little Citizen Clothing

2 Mar

As most of you know, being a parent is a strange balance of sippy cups, carpools, soccer practice and missing socks. Sometimes, amidst the hustle and bustle we forget that one of our jobs is to let our children embrace the fleeting moments of childhood. Yes, the brown shoes are more “practical” but how many years will your daughter ask you for the “ruby red sparkly ones?” I may be overly sentimental with my oldest starting Kindergarten in the fall. However, I’ve noticed that slowly her baby favorites are being replaced with “big girl” fare.

Little Citizen Clothing captures those sweet in between times with skirts made for “twirling” and dresses that will match those sparkly slippers perfectly. Read more about these O.O.A.K (one of a kind) creations on “Mommy’s Weekly Pick”.

I’m off to go for a twirl around the living room…now where are those slippers?

Little Citizen Clothing