Fare la Bella Vita

1 Feb

Jennifer Moreman’s motto is “Life is Beautiful”. Or for you world travelers out there,”La Vita è Bella” or my front-runner, “Fare la Bella Vita” (have a beautiful life).

What an interesting sentiment, “Have a Beautiful Life”. It somehow transforms into a motivational charge. Most of us are too busy out there flying from one event to the next to take notice of the small things. That is what I love about Jennifer’s work, from the mystery of a wise owl’s eye to the solid security of a Texas Longhorn, she gets it.

So set your DVR for a night and go check out one of Jennifer’s upcoming showcases.

If Texas is too far of a trek, indulge in her vision online http://jennifermoreman.com

So for this week remember that we all “Fare la Bella Vita”…

~Mommy The Marketer

*Jennifer Moreman resides in Tyler, Texas. She graduated from Baylor University in 2004 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts -Studio Art. She is originally from Dallas, Texas where she attended Trinity Christian Academy.

Learn more at www.mommythemarketer.com


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