You might be surprised

4 Feb

I read an interesting article today in my husband’s running magazine about influence.  You’ve heard the saying,  You become like the ten people closest to you.  This article detailed how a father’s running habit rubbed off on his 6 year old son. Running became contagious around their household and soon enough, everyone joined in.  I’m not a runner so I’m hoping I can “catch” the desire from my husband.

My passion of choice is painting and drawing. I would like to think that I passed my artistic genes to my five year old daughter. After all,  she took it upon herself to create her “artist” Halloween costume (smock,  french hat and all).  However, the last few months I’ve realized that I didn’t pass anything to her… I “caught” her passion for art. She has reminded me of that childlike joy of doing the one thing that makes you happier than anything.  She broke out my dusty watercolors for me and helped me reconnect to a missing part of my soul. Funny what a five year old can do for you.

So be careful who you choose to spend your time with, you might catch something great.

~Tate Skye Designs


One Response to “You might be surprised”

  1. Susan March 23, 2010 at 7:03 am #

    That is so rich! Finally meeting a Mommy like me with a passion to help others succeed and finding the richness life tends to wake us up with in little moments like painting with our kids…

    Thanks for sharing yourself with us..with me! I only hope to do the same!

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