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Just ducky…

18 Mar

Tate Skye DesignsI have days where I like to pretend that I’ve been productive but after looking back on the days activities..I am not so sure. We decided to take the kids to “Kiddie Kountry” (yes with a K) today. Basically, this is a huge outdoor playground with wood mazes, swings galore and about a million hyper active spring break kids and their red bulls on the loose. (Really not sure most of them had parents within ten miles of the place). ┬áThe kids loved it naturally but my husband and I look like we ran a half marathon today, uphill. Despite the chaos of the playground we managed to take a few moments to feed the ducks at a nearby pond. Funny how you forget how something as simple as some old bread and over zealous ducks can make your children so happy. ┬áThe duck’s patterns and colors were just amazing. My daughter even noticed how some of the ducks had “blue bills and black and white polka dots.” Love that girl, she has an eye for the details just like her mother.

So despite my lack of “check list items” today, I did find a moments solace by that pond. Which, I think is one of the most important items to “work on.” Enjoy the rest of your week…and ducks or no ducks make it great!