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Swanky Place by Eriginals

23 Jan

One of my favorite things is to stumble across artists who are not only true to their calling by designing beautiful things, but to see an artist who live out their dreams in ALL aspects of their lives. “E” as she calls herself gives us reasons to stretch the borders of “domesticity”. She embraced an early retirement lifestyle change and has created a fascinating glimpse of simple times for all of us to enjoy.

E’s daily blogs about the joy of putting aside worries for a day and baking brownies instead leave my heart happy and refreshed. “E” truly is an original. I hope you take time out of your hectic day to learn more about this artist and her “Swanky Place” boutique.

So here is to baking cupcakes, an evening with friends, or simply enjoying a home cooked meal in an adorable apron tribute to days gone by. As always, Happy Shopping!

~Mommy The Marketer
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Learn more about Swanky Place by Eriginals here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/swankyplace